If you are familiar with my blogs you will know we are facing an epidemic of fraud. 

You may also be thinking there is little that can be done. 

Just last week for example it came to light that Intel chips, previously thought impregnable, are hackable. 

Some argue that the internet favours the hacker and has been poorly conceived. Some even argue that back-doors have been deliberately designed to benefit our security services. Maybe there is an element of truth to both these positions. 

However, there is a solution and this case below provides it. 

In order to deal with the fraudster we need to start treating fraud for what it is - eg a serious crime -  and as such we need to start imposing serious prison sentences. No fraudster wants to spend time in prison. 

In this case a gang from Birmingham carried out mortgage fraud over a number of years amassing a small fortune. 

After a seven year investigation they are now all behind bars. 

The ring leader has been told he has three months to repay £8m or face 10 more years in jail.

Do you think this will work? Well if it doesn't it's because he cannot get his hands on the money. 

The next issue is this. Can the DPP, already over-stretched, really have an impact? It's reasonable to point out that this case for example took seven years to conclude. 

Again, help is at hand. You can bring a private criminal prosecution. This gives you all you need - the ability to pursue the fraudster with a real deterrent and quickly.  

If you would like more information on how this works, please contact me here.