I just read an article saying "everyone of course knows what the Pomodoro technique is etc". Of course I had never heard of it so I thought I would share it with you in case you are in the same boat.

Pomodoro is a very simple time management technique. A simple egg timer type thing allows you to work in bursts of 25 minutes with 5 mins intervals. At the end of four Pomodoros you get a 25 minute break. It keeps you focused and distraction free and stops  "where has the day gone?" type feeling. If during a Pomodoro you get a distracting thought ("need to call X") you are encouraged to write these down on a separate piece of paper and simply carry on.

Recent science has suggested that highly productive workers all work in short bursts with lots of breaks so I suspect there is a lot of wisdom to this. Worth a read I'd say.