I think this is a great primer on the housing market. 

I cannot say I agree with all his solutions but the author, Larry Elliott, makes some great points which all too often are simply overlooked. 

1. Help to Buy does nothing to ease the housing crisis. All it does is push up the prices of existing housing stock eg making the situation even worse. Does it add one more house to the housing supply? No. 

Despite this Philip Hammond has just announced a further whopping £10bn injection. 

2. "The monetary stimulus provided by the Bank of England – ultra-low interest rates and quantitative easing – has put a rocket under prices..." 

100% correct. Another idiot policy by our law makers. Of course, the Government is determined to keep rates low so it can keep it's repayments on its account deficit manageable - high house prices is an unfortunate side effect. 

3. Need to relax planning - we all know this. 

So what are the answers?