Music and copyright  infringement has recently been in the news with Ed Sheeran settling for an undisclosed amount. 

In fact reading this article below  in the Guardian it would appear there is something of an epidemic going on. 

The author received an anonymous response from a major record label. Put simply they are so paranoid about ripping off someone's song inadvertently that they will  call in a "forensic musicologist". 

Think of a musicologist as someone akin to a mathematician. It is tempting to think that with such a back catalogue of music over the last 70 years that a simple mistake could be made, but the musciologist was fairly dismissive of this from a mathematical point of view. 

If you want to delve into deep maths then do please read the article. 

Good to know that copyright can be underpinned by maths, that's what I say. 

And what if "bingo" you have a match - do you have a case? Well that depends. Not if the original melody was itself based on a melody that already existed – something out of copyright, like a Mozart tune.

I must say I find all this science quite fascinating. 

For creatives the takeaway is this. If you feel someone has stolen your music, the chances are you will be able to prove it with some nifty maths.