The Digital Economy Act has just come into force raising the maximum sentence for copyright infringement from two years to ten years. 

The Government is really targeting the use of multi-media boxes which come with pre loaded add-ons which allow access to pirated content. 

The best example in the UK is the Kodi box so if you have one you need to be careful you are not using it to access illegal content. 

Elsewhere I have read that Kieron Sharp, CEO of FACT (federation against copyright theft) has made clear that the full weight of the law is aimed squarely at the sellers of Kodi boxes but he does go onto say that inevitably customers are likely to get caught up in their investigations as well. 

He further says: “This won’t affect the everyday person. But someone caught with a lot of material could still be affected, although it might be a very short sentence or a suspended one.”

I have also read elsewhere that eBay has begun wiping "fully loaded" kodi boxes from its online marketplace. 

I see this as a positive step in the right direction and one that was needed to keep up with advances in media technology. You can see the affects of digital copyright infringement on the music industry and I suspect this experience must have had a bearing on this new Act.