Brian Solomon makes some sensible points in this article and it's hard to argue with his logic. 

It may not seem  right now  that Airbnb and the hotels need each other as both groups slug it out. The hotels are lobbying the regulators in America and just recently a couple of road blocks were thrown up against the Airbnb juggernaut. Shades of Uber etc. 

But as Brian argues they need to take a longer view look. 

Hotels can learn from Airbnb. Their standard rooms, same in every country, lack the diversity and authenticity that attracts millenials to Airbnb. An extra room here, kitchen there clearly is what the market wants.

Airbnb now report a large number of business travellers is using their platform. The market is sending a strong signal. 

On the other hand, Airbnb needs more product and product that you can trust.  Clearly there has to be room for hotels to come onto the Airbnb platform. 

Why not?

Hotels (rightly in my opinion) complain about the excessive costs of OTAs which they are happy to use. Surely increased competition will drive these costs down as well.  

Do you agree?