Well I have to say the progress of AI is exciting but also slightly overwhelming. 

The inroads into creative industries continues apace, this time music. 

Only a few years ago I had assumed AI would not be able to replicate the creative genius of the human mind but it would appear I was completely wrong. 

Amper have created a cloud based platform that creates music based on artificial intelligence. For now it would appear it has zero chance of muscling into the charts but this music could easily find its way into the background of advertisements, games, and retail environments. Amper sits on Adobe’s Creative Cloud and opening up its API, Amper makes this computer-generated music more readily available for precisely these types of projects argues the author. 

Should musicians panic? There is no immediate threat but who knows in a year or so? Either way I am not convinced. My view is that AI will be a very useful tool for musicians but will never replace musicians. 

What do you think?