I have to say I was fascinated by this article being  a very close examination of the legal profession of which I am a fully paid up member. 

A survey has been conducted on young independent game developers. They all seem to understand the imperative of obtaining IP protection (great) but many choose not to. 

Various reasons:

Lack of money

Unapproachability of lawyers

"We will take out IP when we have made it big"

I do get a lot of the reasons though I would question some of the strategic thinking. 

Many law firms are now entrepreneurial and are always willing to consider alternatives to the normal hourly fee arrangement. It's all about risk at the end of the day and many lawyers, myself included, are being more adventurous. 

Times have changed. It is not unusual for a very young person to invent an over night success. Lawyers are moving with the times. 

My advice to any young talent out there is to find a decent IP lawyer, at least 10 year PQE, be confident and try and strike a deal. 

What have you got to lose?