That is the staggering figure discovered by the all-party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment. 

That works out to be nearly 300 unhappy buyers each week, 15,500 a year. 

And it's not just a few issues. Around a third are finding on average 11 faults. 

The suggestion is that house builders are cutting corners to meet the Government target of 200,000 builds per year. Unless there is a direct incentive in place for builders, I cannot see them being too bothered about a Government figure personally. 

So what can you do to protect yourself if you are buying a new build off plan?

Make sure your solicitor has the right experience. You want to make certain that under the contract you are not compelled to buy if there are any material defects. Also,  you will want third party dispute provisions included backing this up. 

You will want a decent retention from the purchase price, payable only once any snags have been made good. Again, you should have the comfort of independent mediation provisions in the event of a dispute. 

Some snags will take time to evidence - example,  a leak sometimes does not materialise until after extensive usage. Make sure your contract covers all these eventualities.