Copyright law 1 - 0 Huge companies

I like this case because It's a reminder that copyright legislation is there to protect all of our creative designs and ideas even against mega global corporations. 

And that is exactly how it should be. 

If this case has passed your attention, in short Facebook stood accused of stealing technology for its Oculus headsets from a far smaller company, ZeniMax.

On first glance, it did not look for Facebook. ZeniMax claimed one of its employees, John Carmack, had divulged the design to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. Somewhat unwisely, Carmack later became chief technical officer at Oculus. 

Still, Zuckerberg was confident. Taking the stand in Dallas he had this to say: "The idea that Oculus products are based on someone else's technology is plain wrong."

The jury however disagreed. They found in favour of ZeniMax awarding $500m damages ruling that there had been an infringement of copyright. Still, it could have been far more costly. Facebook was found not to have stolen trade secrets.