You don't have to search far to see screeds of writing on the pre-eminence of Airbnb and what that means for the hotel industry?

I seem to remember the same being said about vinyl and books both of which are enjoying a revival. 

Maybe its premature to write off Hotels but in fact it may well be the case Airbnb has been a help.

They say necessity is the Mother of All Inventions and there is no doubt hotels are being far more accepting of novelty and technology. 

I suspect the extra competition brought about by Airbnb plays no small part. 

However, I would hazard a guess it is the OTA's who should be feeling the heat. 

The OTAs cream a cool 20% for doing ...well let's face it, not an awful lot. And Hotels know it. 

Take InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) - shares up 50% in the last 12 months. That is not a sign of an industry on it's knees. 

And is this the reason. Richard Solomons has exciting news regarding a new highly personalised booking system which, if it is slick and friction free, must surely be a huge headache for OTAs. 

IHG has 5% of the global hotel supply with 15% of the pipeline. IHG has just worked out it can go it alone. 

I think they are onto something, don't you?